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Worldwide shipping services


In our easy to use online shop you can find everything you may need to prepare your shipment for transit. We will deliver your order next working day to your door or alternatively you can cut the cost and collect your purchase directly from us.
PVC tape
2,69 EUR incl. Vat
Double wall box size
60 x 40 x 50 cm
4,29 EUR incl. Vat
Brown tape
1,99 EUR incl. Vat
Fragile tape
2,49 EUR incl. Vat
Bubble wrap / 2 m
1,49 EUR incl. Vat
Marker pen
0,99 EUR incl. Vat
Clear wrap roll 1,5 kg
size 87 m x 0,5 m
9,99 EUR incl. Vat
Black wrap roll 1,5 kg
size 78 m x 0,5 m
10,99 EUR incl. Vat
Our small box pack
10 + 1 FREE
42,99 EUR incl. Vat
Our medium box pack
15 + 2 FREE
64,35 EUR incl. Vat
Our large box pack
20 + 3 FREE
85,80 EUR incl. Vat
Clear/black wrap roll deal
10 pieces
59,99 EUR incl. Vat

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